Effects Of Ice On Your Body
 My article is about affects of ice on your body the important things you'll need to know what has to your body? Your first symptoms dry mouth your blood pressure increases so does your heart beat, rate 60 beats per minute but when your on ice and your heart beat can jump 120. You'll also experience shaking  and feeling nauseated and have intense stomach aches also violent out burst (intense anger). Body tempter could go 7 degrees 98` but with ice 106` it just like a fever. Just some tips about taking ice if people find out what drugs kill people take it when there discourage or sad but drugs way calm your nerves or sad but drugs way calm your nerves but you have outrages of anger, would  that really calm you down?   Well people ask how will I know if my friend is on drugs? Well here some things to know about those signs of drug use nervous and physically activity like scratching       
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