Winter Concert

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     On December 7th at the Kapolei High School cafeteria the 8th graders from Kapolei Middle School band and the high school band played at the winter concert.  The choir from the middle school and high school joined them.  The winter concert has been playing annually now for 4 years.  According to the coordinator of the event, it was created so that all the schools in the area could come and celebrate with us at the High School. There were some hula and tahitian dancers from Barbers Point dancing to Mele Kalikimaka on Christmas Day, Night Before Christmas, Tuberose, Maori [Nawaka], and Fire Dance. There was also the middle school students who played the flute ensemble lead for a junior year project.

     If you did not go to the winter concert then you missed a lot of lovely music, but you're in luck because you will be able to listen to the band here. You can listen to the choir sing The Last Christmas, Grinch., and the Middle school band playing Baby It's Cold Outside and the High school playing The First Noel.         


Barbers Point Hula Dancers


The Kapolei Middle School Choir



Kapolei High School Choir




Kapolei Middle School Band

  If you are in band in the 7th and 8th grade at Kapolei Middle School you will have fun. There are many new things to learn and have fun with. But you will also need to put some commitment into it, which means you will go on Tuesdays for 7th grade  and Thursdays for 8th grade to practice after school.  You will also have to come during the break, but on winter break you don't have to come in. You will also have to pay an instrument fee and maintenance fee in advanced. For you 8th grade band geeks some High Schoolers had some advise to tell you... like to never procrastinate and always practice hard in High School Band. Some of the programs at the high school are jazz band and marching band but to get into these you have to take regular band during the school day.



High School Band